Lost Phone

Found an Revvl near Phoenix with number +1 9498997254? Bonnie B. lost it on the 17/09/2021

Phone model: Revvl

Phone IMEI: 357***626

Phone number: +1 9498997254

Phone owner: Bonnie B.

Owner message: I use this phone for work and do not have the funds to replace the phone. It is a T-Mobile Revvl 5G. My ex-boyfriend stole the phone and will not return it. He has told me he has plans to take the SIM card out and replace with another T-Mobile SIM card in order to get the phone functioning. I am also filing a police report and already tried 'Find My Device's but it comes back as phone not found. The last day I had the phone in my possession was Sept 17th around 6:00 AM (Arizona Time). I would appreciate all the help I can get from the community.

Date last seen: 17/09/2021

Location last seen: Phoenix

Finder’s fee: 25$

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