Lost Phone

Found an Iphone 11 Pro near Morgantown, WV, USA with number +1 7246914683? Braden lost it on the 23/10/2021

Phone model: Iphone 11 Pro

Phone IMEI: 353***183

Phone number: +1 7246914683

Phone owner: Braden

Owner message: I had the phone inside of Pryzm Nightclub in West Virginia, I previously asked bouncers and bartenders if they have found it and they said no. The night i lost it i walked from there to the mountainlair parking garage to my car and then slept in the dadisman dorms slightly farther up the street.

Date last seen: 23/10/2021

Location last seen: Morgantown, WV, USA

Finder’s fee: 100$

Leave a message for the device owner, Braden