Lost Phone

Found an iphone X near 14301-14363 Burin Ave, Hawthorne, CA 90260 with number +1 3109916119? Brianna R. lost it on the 27/02/2022

Phone model: iphone X

Phone IMEI: 354***309

Phone number: +1 3109916119

Phone owner: Brianna R.

Owner message: My phone was taken from my purse at the Skyline ROW DTLA music festival (Day 1). It is silver with cracked glass on the back around the camera. The screen protector is also cracked. It had a silver marble like case. I had my recently late dog's pictures that were not backed up to cloud yet. Sentimental pictures like my family's reunion were also not backed up. Please help me return the phone. I am a broke college student in major debt and I cannot afford to buy a new phone.

Date last seen: 27/02/2022

Location last seen: 14301-14363 Burin Ave, Hawthorne, CA 90260

Finder’s fee: 50$

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