Lost Phone

Found an A1920 near American Airlines flight 4849 from CLT to MKE with number +1 4142178309? Doralie L. lost it on the 02/01/2022

Phone model: A1920

Phone IMEI: 353***717

Phone number: +1 4142178309

Phone owner: Doralie L.

Owner message: The iPhone has no clear identifying markings on the outside: Space Gray, has a black protective cover, I think it has my business card inside the cover (if you remove it from the phone). AT&T is the carrier. It was in airplane mode when "lost". No customizations on the lock screen (time and date, world hologram, notifications, flashlight and emergency call icons). The cover has a scratch on the top right side (not mate any more). It was on airplane mode when lost.

Date last seen: 02/01/2022

Location last seen: American Airlines flight 4849 from CLT to MKE

Finder’s fee: 50$

Leave a message for the device owner, Doralie L.