Lost Phone

Found an iPhone 13 pro near El Dorado Freeway, Camino, CA, USA with number +1 +19254486267? Éric L. lost it on the 09/01/2022

Phone model: iPhone 13 pro

Phone IMEI: 352***104

Phone number: +1 +19254486267

Phone owner: Éric L.

Owner message: Lost on the slopes at Heavenly resort. Able to track it on the slopes via different apps. It was taken couple minutes we reached the place. We called and texted multiple times. They reached the parking lot and took off. Turned off the phone intentionally. We were able to track it on the freeway until we did all the process to erase device and so on.

Date last seen: 09/01/2022

Location last seen: El Dorado Freeway, Camino, CA, USA

Finder’s fee: 100$

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