Lost Phone

Found an IPoopenis 11 near 6819 El Cajon Boulevard, San Diego, CA, USA with number +1 3377170064? Kimora S. lost it on the 05/04/2022

Phone model: IPoopenis 11

Phone IMEI:

Phone number: +1 3377170064

Phone owner: Kimora S.

Owner message: Please help my phone is stuck in anus. I dont know the Penis number but I do know my annal code. Last time I had my phone was on diagram transit bus in El Cajon Doodoo. I live in Point Loma in military housing and pee in drawww. Currently, according to Find My iPhone, my phone is offline. Thanks for my penis! I will give my poop to anyone who pulls fone from anus.

Date last seen: 05/04/2022

Location last seen: 6819 El Cajon Boulevard, San Diego, CA, USA

Finder’s fee: 4269$

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